Network Slicing: The Silver Bullet That Killed Old School Thinking in Critical Communications


Exhibiting at Critical Communications World show in Hong Kong, our Sales VP Tomas Granö and I (Mika Skarp) were party to a number of heated discussions on using IP networks and shared frequencies for mission-critical purposes. The argument pits the old school types, who contend that only Circuit Switch connectivity over owned infrastructure can serve mission critical operations, against another camp that says quite the opposite. Though much more quiet, this latter group represents the majority who argue that infrastructure can be shared but is has to be built more robustly. Perhaps needless to say, we heartily agree. And this doesn’t just relate to the important issue of network planning, but touches on network hopping (as provided by our newest partner, Goodmill Systems) but as well battery life, weight and efficiency.

In fairness, while its true that network sharing for critical communications isn’t there yet, the old school folks, quite rankly seem to be missing the forest for the trees. To learn more about this so important topic, please click the 'READ MORE' link .

Source: Blog Goodmill Systems | Mika Skarp

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