TAIT announce 'FUSION Voice' underground mining and tunneling communications solution


Tait Communications and MST Global, a company specialised in the design, deployment and support of critical technologies for communications, are proud to announce FUSION Voice, a world-first for underground mining and tunneling communications. FUSION Voice offers an in-vehicle radio that can operate in VoIP mode from the underground WiFi network and, at the push of a button, operate via the UHF or VHF radio system that may be in place.FUSION Voice is the result of a joint development project between Tait and MST, integrating MST’s communication-over-Wi-Fi expertise with the Tait UnifyVehicle platform to form one in-vehicle, push-to talk unit. FUSION Voice enables access to reliable, dedicated voice communication over WiFi networks from inside a vehicle. Tait and MST are committed to increasing productivity and safety in underground environments, and this collaboration offers something that has been missing from the market as more mines and tunnels look to replace Leaky Feeder with WiFi networks.

A VoIP equivalent of a traditional mobile radio, FUSION Voice can operate on any 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, and is specifically optimised for roaming on the MST IMPACT software network, supporting central configuration. The unit can then be switched to operate on a range UHF or VHF radio systems, including DMR Tier 2 conventional, DMR Tier 3 trunking, and conventional analog.

Source: TAIT Communications

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