Vodafone showcases stadium communications, supporting Fans and Public Safety officials at the same time


Vodafone is showcasing its smart stadium technologies at the World Stadium Congress, which runs until May 24 at the Westin Doha Hotel & Spa. Mohamed Serieh, Vodafone Qatar’s head of Enterprise Marketing, showcased the details of Turkey’s Vodafone Arena in a keynote presentation. As the Title Sponsor of the event, Vodafone said it is demonstrating how the company is leveraging the power of its international network and global leadership in Internet of Things (IoT) technology to help deliver the ultimate experience for sports fans and developing the stadiums of the future. Especially, the campy said that in order to assure effective communication for public safety officials and first-responders it is necessary to provide coverage for Public Safety Radio communications in public buildings and other locations like sporting venues. In order to support this, Vodafone designs and deploys single Distributed Antenna Systems that can be utilised for Tetra, LTE, Wi-Fi, and some of the 5G prime bands.

The smart solution features video surveillance, Wi-Fi and advertisement opportunities all connected through an IoT gateway. The Wi-Fi on-board keeps commuters connected while on the go. Equipped with a Wi-Fi connection and powered by solar panels, the smart bus shelter is self-sustaining and delivers new services such as dynamic advertising and data collection. When users connect to the Mesh network, they access a hub of information related to the venue or their location as well as match stats, stream replays, and get arena information.

Source: Gulf Times

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