Motorola Solutions improves energy efficiency at Illinois facilities


In 2016, according to the corporate responsibility report, Motorola Solutions made strides in energy efficiency, especially at its Illinois facilities. The first phase for the renovated Schaumburg, Illinois building was awarded LEED-CI Silver certification with more than 85 percent of waste being diverted from land fills, 37 percent water use reduction for all new plumbing fixtures and 100 percent of applicable new equipment is now Energy Star certified. The Motorola Solutions new headquarters in Chicago is targeting LEED Gold certification based on guidelines for energy and water reduction, including over 38 percent water use reduction for all newly installed plumbing fixtures. Furthermore Motorola's new manufacturing facility in Elgin, Illinois is implementing a new operational recycling program. In addition, the company managed to decrease its electricity usage by approximately 28 percent in 2016, due to more efficient use of office space, including energy-efficient lighting and more options for employees to work remotely.

Furthermore, the company is involved in environmental remediation at several current and former manufacturing locations and former waste-disposal facilities. Past activities that were common and accepted practices at the time of operation led to the need for remediation activities to restore these sites to an acceptable condition. At the end of 2016, the company had $50 million reserved to cover environmental liabilities. On energy, Motorola Solutions used 197 million kilowatt hours of energy in 2016, a decrease of 28 percent from 2015.

Source: Motorola Solutions

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