xG Technology Awarded New Interference Mitigation Patent for Enhancing Wireless Communications


xG Technology announced that it has been awarded a new patent covering an innovative method for enhancing the resilience of communications systems in the face of harmful interference. The patent "Interference-Tolerant Multi-Band Synchronizer" describes an approach that enables a wireless network to maintain robust performance despite adverse operating conditions. George Schmitt, CEO and Chairman of the Board of xG Technology, said, "With this latest innovation, xG has now patented a full suite of interference mitigation techniques that make the xMax system unique in maintaining network performance in unfavorable communication environments."

xMax has the flexibility to serve as either a fixed, mobile, portable, or aerial wireless infrastructure, making it ideal for a wide range of deployment scenarios. These include disaster response, public safety, and defense applications, where communications must often be established quickly, in fluid scenarios, and other challenging conditions.

Source: xG Technology

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