KT to Build LTE Network for Emergency Services20-11-2015

Source: MCCResources

South Korea’s No. 2 telecom carrier said today that it has won a pilot project from the government to build a nationwide public safety network based on Long Term Evolution technology – the first of its kind globally.

The new Public Safety-LTE system aims to allow fire, police and rescue responders to better communicate with each other using a standard device that operates on the same frequencies. The government plans to pour 2 trillion won ($1.7 billion), attracting network operators and equipment-makers in and outside the country. Considering the maintenance costs over the next 10 years, the total project size could surge to 3 trillion won.

A consortium led by KT has been named the first project operator, with SK Telecom becoming the second. The government has earmarked 33.8 billion won and 8.2 billion won for each project. KT said it would carry out the pilot project for seven months in PyeongChang, Gangwon Province, where the 2018 Winter Olympics are to be held.

The project includes design of the system, development of compatible security testing systems, building the control center, installing a base station and devices, and the final testing.