International Critical Communications Business Guide 2017 - ICCBG

The International Critical Communications Business Guide (ICCBG) is an annual guide dedicated to everyone who is interested in learning about the international critical communications industry.

Launching Q1 2017!

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"This annual high quality, full colour, detailed reference guide is an absolute must have for everyone who is working in, or related to critical communications"




Complete industry profile

The ICCBG is not just a "who is who" guide. It contains profiles of the most innovative and well respected companies offering critical communications solutions (P25, TETRA, DMR Tier III and Mission Critical & Public Safety LTE), supported by infographics, statistics & other visuals, sorted alphabetically and indexed by sector.

Future vision

More importantly, every profile contains a “Future Vision' that tells you the view of the organization the on future development of critical communications.

Endorsed by key organizations

The ICCBG also offers a wealth of information, status reports, statistics and projections provided by; international & government bodies, industry (trade) associations, member councils, research companies and end user organizations.

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