PRYME, Klein Electronics and VXI Corporation to certify Kodiak carrier-integrated PTT solution05-08-2016

Source: MCCResources

Kodiak adds new Bluetooth Low Energy accessories including RSMs, headsets, and buttons from leading vendors to enable clear, effortless hands-free PTT communications

Kodiak, a leading provider of broadband push-to-talk solutions, announced today that partners Klein Electronics, PRYME, and VXi Corporation have certified a wide array of new Bluetooth 4.0 accessories for use with its carrier-integrated solution, adding to those already certified by Earphone Connection and Savox Communications.

The new remote speaker microphones (RSMs), headsets and buttons include both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy models, and support the Android and iOS operating systems. The addition of Bluetooth Low Energy accessories to the Kodiak ecosystem is an example of our continued commitment to providing customers with the ability to select the right accessory to meet their specific needs.

For reasons of safety, work environment, or simply efficiency, many workers cannot take the time or the risk to retrieve their phone for a PTT call. The Bluetooth 4.0 RSMs, headsets, and buttons certified for use with the Kodiak Broadband PTT solution provide the answer for those workers who require clear, effortless hands-free PTT communications without accessing their phone. Whether the need is for a ruggedized RSM for use with gloved hands, a low-profile headset for unobtrusive communication in a crowd, or a button mounted on a steering wheel for easy, one-touch calling, Kodiak and its partners have the accessory that fits the customer’s budget and requirements.

Kodiak partners with the industry’s leading handset/device vendors, accessory suppliers, and dispatch console providers so our carrier partners can offer the right tool for the job. Partner accessories are specifically designed to provide an exceptional user experience even in the most difficult and demanding environments, including construction, transportation, manufacturing, utilities, and security.
“The new Bluetooth 4.0-compliant RSMs and buttons provide the one-push operation needed for commercial drivers to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) distracted-driving regulations,” said Bruce Lawler, Chief Product Officer of Kodiak. “This is just one example of how we continue to broaden our ecosystem of accessories to make Broadband PTT communications its most efficient and effective.”