IWCE Critical LTE Communications Forum


Date 08-11 - 09-11  2017
Location Hilton Dallas Park Cities
City Dallas
Country United States

Attend the Critical LTE Communications Forum to examine the network solutions, applications and opportunities for enterprise and governments alike to transition to secure, hardened, reliable networks for voice and data within an LTE framework.

Installing a private broadband system is now possible with smart, deployable technology. Private mobile broadband networks that leverage 4G LTE technology are a key component in any information system designed to deliver the efficiency and effectiveness. Dedicated broadband networks for agencies ensure that they can access high speed data when and where it is most needed, without compromise.

Whether it’s police, fire, EMS, or critical communications networks such as rail, transportation, utility, oil & gas — network managers need access to real-time information. Video, voice and data can be there instantly with LTE. Traditional LMR voice systems and silo networks no longer meet the needs of public safety agencies.

This timely business technology conference is designed for public safety, government and enterprise network professionals mapping the transition from voice-centric mobile communications to broadband data and video applications made possible by mission critical LTE network solutions.

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