Qualcomm Nominates 3GPP TSG CT WG1 Vice-Chairman08-06-2017

Source: MCCResources

Qualcomm is nominating Lena Chaponniere as a candidate for the position of 3GPP TSG CT WG1 vice chairman for the elections to be held during the CT1#105 meeting in August 2017, in Krakow, Poland.

Qualcomm announced that the company is pleased to inform ETSI, MCC  that the company, through its ATIS 3GPP affiliation, is nominating Lena Chaponniere as a candidate for the position of 3GPP TSG CT WG1 Vice-Chairman at the upcoming election in CT1#93.

Lena will be trained to comply with all applicable antitrust/competition laws and regulations while acting in her capacity as TSG CT WG1 Vice Chairman. In proposing Lena for the position of 3GPP TSG CT WG1 Vice-Chairman, Qualcomm announced that the company will fully support Lena in the vice-chairmanship role and that Qualcomm remains fully committed to the success of 3GPP and its diverse ecosystem.

Lena joined Qualcomm in 1998 and first worked on modem testing on various air interfaces including IS-95, CDMA 2000 1xRTT, WCDMA/HSPA and LTE. She has been attending 3GPP meetings since 2006, starting with TSG RAN WG5 from 2006 to 2011 and then TSG CT WG1 from 2011. In that group she has been leading the CT standardization of ProSe (D2D) and of the EVS codec over 3G CS, as well as actively contributing to several other work items including most recently SCM (Smart Congestion Mitigation) and ACDC (Application-specific Congestion control for Data Communication).