ETSI Announces Second MCPTT Plugtest Event 07-09-2017

Source: MCCResources

After the success of the 1st MCPTT Plugtests event, ETSI announced the dates for the 2nd MCPTT Plugtests.

The second event will take place from 25th – 29th June 2018. ETSI also announced that they would like to host this event outside the ETSI premises in France. The main reason for hosting the event elsewhere, is because ETSI wishes to extend the scope of the event.

"With a Plugtest in, for example the United States, it will be easier for ETSI to collaborate with FirstNet. It will also give a broader scope to the event. In addition, organising the event elsewhere, will also attract new vendors for the event. Vendors who did not participate at the first event that was previously held at ETSI's HQ in France.

The good thing is that actually we have received applications from new vendors", said Saurav Arora, technical officer at ETSI.

In case it is not possible to organise the event elsewhere, then the event will take place at the ETSI premises.