Ponti Radio Connects Isolated Workers to Operation Center with 'Guardian Angel'12-09-2017

Source: MCCResources

On 5 October, Ponti Radio (Italy) will showcase it's latest innovative solution 'Guardian Angel' at the 'Isolated Worker Safety' meeting in Milan.

Both in Italy and in the rest of Europe, the ultimate responsibility for securing the safety of the isolated worker, is the employer, which must therefore be concerned about taking all appropriate measures to this end.

In order to support the isolated worker in the field, Hytera partner, Pontiradio, offers a new outsourcing service, 'Angelo Custode', which, through an integrated communication system, connects the Isolated Worker to the Pontiradio Operation Center.

Communications occur in Push-to-Talk mode via an application installed on smartphones.

The lone worker is connected to the center and can send emergency calls and activate security sessions that allow more direct contact with the Guardian Angel (the operator).

This Isolated Worker's Safety Service reduces the discomfort and stress of the worker who works alone through communication and remote interaction with his 'Guardian Angel'.

'Angelo Custode' allows companies to equip themselves with a modern and innovative system of worker protection and monitoring without having to implement any internal infrastructure in compliance with the relevant safety regulations for isolated workers.

During the conference, that will be held at ALDAI's Milan office, Ponti Radio will also present the CASU case of IVU Traffic Technologies, which has adopted this solution for the safety of workers in charge of fueling stations.